Welcome to Fantactics, a Sports and Entertainment Marketing Agency. We are a well versed agency with proven knowledge of the ins and outs of successful sponsorship and marketing campaigns in the sports and entertainment industry. Backed by years of marketing knowledge, we create brand experiences that allow our clients to connect with their fans and customers.

Fantactics Sports & Entertainment Marketing understands the business and value of sports & entertainment marketing better than anyone and we're equipped to translate that understanding into measurable results. Our experienced team can help expand your business, introduce or grow existing brands, penetrate new markets and essentially introduce thousands of pre-qualified consumers to your products and services before, during, and after their point of sale.

We can help you:

  Dramatically increase sales and profits
  Build brand recognition
  Increase awareness of your business
  Differentiate your products from your competitors

Whatever marketing objectives you have, we can offer you the opportunity to reach more consumers, and communicate with them more effectively than ever. By turning the emotive power of sports and entertainment to your maximum advantage, you'll enjoy increased product or company recognition that will translate to a better bottom line.

We don't view ourselves as simply a service vendor to our clients, but as an involved long-term agency partner with an insider's awareness of all aspects of your business.

Fantactics is Canada's most innovative, proactive and cutting edge sports & entertainment marketing agencies and we have one goal - customer satisfaction.

Our Mission Statement - Enable companies identify, propose, execute and capitalize on opportunities through the creation and execution of insightful, efficient and cost-effective sports and entertainment marketing action plans.

Our Vision Statement - Be the most innovative, interactive, consumer-driven sports and entertainment marketing agency in North America, offering cutting edge ideas and promotions for products and the retail sector.

No matter what sport or area of entertainment, our creative and collaborative approach combined with our passion will help set you apart and maintain our position as one of the most innovative, interactive, consumer-driven sports and entertainment marketing agencies in North America.