Fantactics is a group of successful marketing and advertising executives passionate about sports and entertainment. We offer a full service client management program that will consist of a strategic marketing plan... whether you're retired or actively playing and beyond, by providing unparallel client-tailored services to build a complete athlete/personality brand including:

Website Development

We will create for you a custom designed website to keep your fans up to date with your latest news. We will also set up a fully functional e-commerce component that will help you merchandise your products, participate with online auctions and help out any charitable foundation that you are associated with. Not only will we secure your domain name, but we will ensure that every detail is taken care of so you do not have to worry about it.

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns are essential. Campaigns would consist of various mediums including but not limited to newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, billboard and transit. When combined with sponsorship opportunities, you will increase your net worth, exposure and recognition. Fantactics can lead you to high exposure with major sponsors and audiences. We will proactively source out opportunities that will help generate further marketing interest and opportunities.


We believe in bringing the athlete to the fan. Increasing your fan base, optimizing your exposure, and having the opportunity to thank your fans is an important part of being a professional athlete or a personality. We will search out corporate opportunities for speaking engagements, corporate appearances for motivating staff, managers, executives and their customers.

Athlete / Personality Profile

We will create your profile. This includes your interests, strengths, customer likeness, etc. and we will proactively pursue opportunities on your behalf. For example, if you are an avid snowmobiler, we will pursue snowmobile manufactures' and try to secure marketing opportunities.


We will help match you with brands, products or services for speaking engagements, commercial endorsements, and personal appearances.

Media Press Releases

Our experienced sports and entertainment writers will deploy press releases to bloggers, journalists and media outlets keeping them up to date with what you are doing. This will help generate awareness and drive traffic to your website, increase your visibility and ultimate generate sales from your e-commerce retail outlet. Our press release services get your news distributed to every major news site and search engine on the web, and in front of consumers and journalists.

Social Media / Search Engine

Fantactics will develop a very comprehensive social media campaign that will enable anyone to find your site when searching online. Our experience enables us to know what keywords fans and corporations are searching when looking for their favourite sports celebrities.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards is a Digital Property which is exclusive to Fantactics. These have proven to be an excellent form of promotion.

Charitable Foundation

Fantactics will help promote your involvement with any charitable foundation(s) you are associated with. We will leverage your celebrity status and help you connect with your fans to support your endeavours. If required, we can develop a marketing and communication strategy for your foundation to help it gain more recognition, increased awareness...thus ulitimately leading to increased donations.

We will also promote you on Pros Give Back is a sports website dedicated to bringing fans an inside look at what athletes and their organizations are doing to give back to their community. We applaud and set the spotlight on what our sports heroes do outside the gym that truly solidifies their iconic status in everyday life. Our aim is to open the doors and allow you to look at your favourite athlete or sports franchise in a new light and see a different side to what they do, day in and day out.

Through extensive community work, sports franchises have seen their fan base grow through offering private suites to court side seats. For every life they change, they gain a supporter in different ways.

We hope that by having a fresh outlook on these sports heroes, you too will become more pro active in your community in making a difference for the better.