Corporate sponsorship is sometimes confused as a substitution for other marketing, public relations and advertising initiatives. On the contrary, sponsorships are a great addition to a complete marketing and communications program, especially when you have Fantactics working on your behalf to secure direct access to your demographics. Direct access means new and loyal business.




There is a marked increase in the prevalence of childhood obesity and lack of physical activity. The "Aero-Pop Movin' Groovin' Program" consists of a dance team of young, spirited, excited kids that will be role models in a program that teaches dance and fitness to elementary school students across Canada with approved easy to follow lesson plans that meet curriculum requirements for JK to Grades 8.

The Aero-Pop program is guaranteed to inject an atmosphere of fun and excitement into the dance/fitness curriculum of every school. We will be reaching children where they are today with the music and artists that they listen to.


Region & Demographic

National Canadian Program with unprecedented access to:
ALL 12,190 Canadian elementary schools
• 3,742,889 elementary school students (grades JK to 8) and their families
• 124,762 elementary school teachers


Program Title Sponsorship $100,000
Segment Sponsorship $25,000

Past sponsors have included Nike, Lego (Clikits), Universal Music, Lipton Soups, Panasonic, Dare, AOL, Economical Insurance Group and Maple Lodge Farms

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